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Shirley Hu is a passionate artist specializing in photography and graphic design. With her landscape architecture background, she always presents in dynamic and focuses on details, unfolding the true image of one's own. She also holds a MA degree in New Media. She was an assistant photographer for school affairs in graduate school which led her down to the path. Making delightful and touching artwork for clients is her goal. 

When she is not behind the camera or in front of the screen, she is a native plant enthusiast and hunt seat rider in training. She has two beautiful kids and one fuzzy dog. They all make her life bright.

Soso Shui is a graphic designer specializing in branding and type design. With five years of experience in branding, she has established unique visual identity systems for brands from different industries. Her works have been included in design almanacs such as APD No.16.


In 2020, she has won the Founder Type Design Award. The productization of three Latin fonts and two Chinese fonts of her is currently in progress. Besides, she is a cat person, and loves finding a cozy place reading. 


<Brand Creation Realization VI>  2018
<Typography Design Annual>  2019
<Asia Pacific Design No.16>  2020

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